Our Ethos

At Sloth and Sparrow, Food is more than just our passion, it’s an OBSESSION!

Eating is one of life’s simple pleasures that binds us all together, and we believe every meal time is an opportunity to forget the world for a few moments and get utterly lost in a myriad of delicious flavours, textures and aromas, that excite the eyes, dance on the tastebuds, and feed body and soul. We always aim to create food that looks and tastes amazing, and doesn’t cost the earth…

All Vegan. All Delicious. All the Time.

Our Food

Our food is inspired by the world around us and created without any animal products of any kind. We truly appreciate the need for satisfying textures and flavours, and aim to change perceptions of what ‘Vegan Food’ is. We are Food lovers at heart and we won’t settle for anything less than GREAT!

We have been lucky enough to travel to some far flung places, taste some outstanding food and work with some amazing chefs along our journey. Our menus reflect our experiences, our continual quest for new flavours and great taste, alongside our compassion for the Planet, and the Animals that live on it!

Our Story

Sloth and Sparrow Catering had humble beginnings in Brighton, UK.

After working in various Pubs, Restaurants and various Festival Eateries for over 10 years, and making the transition from omnivore to vegan in January 2017, we quickly found ourselves with a newfound enthusiasm for creating new dishes, and recreating some of our old favorites with alternative and exciting new ingredients.

We have an obsession with street food and LOVE foods from different continents and cultures. Ranging from vibrant colorful Tacos and Burritos, to filled Asian Bao Buns, 101 different Burger combinations, epic sandwiches, or aromatic curries and comforting stews; we adore big flavors, bright colors and cuisines from around the world and we love sharing our creations with the public!

Our goals:

  • To create the BEST Vegan foods we possibly can; utilizing as much locally sourced and high quality produce as possible, alongside using compostable disposables and biodegradable cleaning products at all times.
  • To continually challenge any negative stereotypes surrounding vegan foods, and exceed people’s expectations with texture, flavor and color.
  • To offer a menu that can fit any budget – there will always be a children’s size portion available, and there will ALWAYS be a filling meal option available for under £10.